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He was only exposed as an artist in high school and over one thousand locals cherished his music. After hearing and seeing progress Bama begin to master his skills in producing more beats and writing even more lyrics to new songs. Crankin Crazy Boys C.

B was a dance group that Bama was encouraged to make with some of the friends from C. This dance group performed randomly at promotional parties all over Georgia. Bama teamed up with upcoming artists such as: Young C.

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  4. O, Block, and Reality. Bama and Young C. These solo artists continued there separate ways and so did Bama Boy. The best is yet to be exposed. As we speak he his currently working on upcoming projects to be released for an album. Bama is described as real Hip-Hop.

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    He searched everywhere for more of that beef jerky. The search lead no where, so he decided that he could make his own recipe. The result is what we know today as Bama Boy Beef Jerky. Family and friends have told him for years that he should take his recipe and turn it into a business.

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    In late , both Keith and Annette lost their corporate jobs. The job market search was bleak, so we decided to take that advice and turn Keith's hobby into a business to support our family. In , we started that adventure.