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The first movement is in two sections. The first part revolves around a disturbing melody that recurs several times. This gives way, first to an energetic call and response between the shakuhachi and first violin, and then to a lighter pizzicato section that resolves the unease of the main melody but leaves the listener with a question mark.

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The second movement starts as a blues and devolves into a section of true despair. The shakuhachi solos are in the style of the traditional music of Zen meditation. The third movement is in rondo form and presents a jagged main theme that recurs throughout and is punctuated by several rock-style solo passages for the shakuhachi and violins.

Western 5-Line Staff notation and parts.

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Three movements. It is meant to be played by a large group of shakuhachi players, with several players on each part. It can also be played by five players with one person to a part. Parts use 1.

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Parts in Western 5-Line Staff or Kinko-ryu notation. This is a dual-language edition with text in English and Japanese and the musical scores transcribed in both Kinko-ryu and Western 5-Line Staff notation.

Duo No.1 for Cello and Contrabass (Harrington, Jeffrey Michael)

The accompanying practice CD includes each piece with both parts performed together as well as each part separately. This enables you to play along " Karaoke " style while following the written notation provided. Since the duets are transcribed in Western 5-line staff as well as Japanese cursive notation, they can be played along with silver flute, violin, guitar or any other instrument.

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Nyoraku is a member of the Japanese music group Ensemble East, which performs traditional and modern chamber music for Japanese instruments, including the shamisen and the koto. Instruments Instruments.

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Performers execute their ability to play together and hocket notes across from each other. A full hard copy score and parts will be sent to you. I am inspired by the deep thought and dedication behind the process of creating these beautiful handmade products. Both parts being similar in difficulty.

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