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Kindle Edition , pages. In an interview with Spinner. I don't think earlier on he had the opportunity to be damaged, and his soul to be trampled on by women as much as me. So now that his penis has been cut off metaphorically, and been smashed into fucking Sloppy Joe's, someone shit on his heart a thousand times, we tried to put a musical face to that. In December , Manson revealed the sonic qualities of three tracks. One was said to feature "a coven of witchy girls," the other "acoustic swampiness that harkens back to when [he] was living in New Orleans," and the song Manson plays guitar on also features him "snorting something — whatever it might have been" as a percussive instrument.

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And it made a big difference in my life. So I came back [to the studio] on January 2, and I saw my only friends, which at this point is the band, and everyone asked me, "How're you doing? On January 2, , Manson finalized the album's title, [4] and approximately a month later, on February 2, the record was revealed through Rolling Stone 's online Smoking Section to be called The High End of Low.

Rudy Coby confirmed via his Facebook page that the single had been switched to "Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddon" at the insistence of Marilyn Manson's label, Interscope Records. On March 10, , a blog entry by producer Sean Beavan confirmed two additional titles, " 15 " and the rumored " Four Rusted Horses ". In a March interview with Kerrang! He also claimed that the fourteenth track Into the Fire is a "glorious epic" which Twiggy would be most memorable for as a guitarist.

Manson also explained that the songs on the album are listed by the order they were written and recorded. He also revealed the title of another song, "We're from America", which was made available for free download through the band's website on March 27, The same month, five rough mixes of songs from the album were leaked to the Internet.

Chris Vrenna has commented on the leaks, explaining that "I hate stealing of music in any form. If a band chooses to put tracks online, that is great. I think true fans know that usually songs found online before the record's release are either rough mixes of tracks and will wait to hear the music in the way the artist intended.

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  6. Davidsbündlertänze, Op. 6, No. 16 (1st Edition, 1937).
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  8. On April 16, , MarilynManson. A splash page was also added to the website, depicting Manson holding a bundle of fluorescent lights against his head. On April 27, the track listing for the deluxe edition of the album's bonus disc surfaced on HMV's website, revealing that the disc would contain up to seven remixes.

    Along with a new promotional photo, the site provides partial lyrics to "Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddon", links to pre-order both the album and the "Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-geddon" CD single, a mailing list and a Facebook application that features lyrics and samples to songs from the album.

    On May 8, , an e-mail sent through the site's mailing list confirmed that each week leading up to the album's release, a song will be accessible through phones by texting MANSON to , the first of which being "Wight Spider". Manson participated with an exclusive interview with Shockhound in May , in which he explains song meanings within the album.

    The album was originally scheduled for release in October , although due to touring commitments this date was pushed back to winter , before a slating of May , which turned out correct.


    Initially Manson also intended to release a song from the album before the end of , however these plans did not materialize. This was followed by the song's reissue as a digital single on April 7, and its limited release as a physical single on April The song's music video, filmed between April 4 and 5, failed to meet two expected release dates, before premiering on NME. Also in promotion of the album, The High End of Low was made available for streaming on Marilyn Manson's MySpace profile before its worldwide release, and on May 28, Hot Topic hosted clips from the album on its website's homepage.

    The album received mixed reviews; some critics felt it sounded diluted and repetitive while others praised the album for showing Manson's more human face after his divorce and best material since Mechanical Animals.

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    Allison Stewart from The Washington Post gave the album a positive review, saying that Manson's divorce from burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese had led to a new musical high. Spin writer Doug Brod gave a positive review and stated that "[w]hile it's still easy to dismiss his shock tactics as puerile and insensitive he hasn't sounded this vital -- and tuneful -- since Mechanical Animals.

    The BBC review stated that the new album saw Manson resurrected after the lackluster Eat Me, Drink Me , with credit given to the skilled bass work on the album. The review sums up the album by saying that it "proves there's still a fair dose of blood and bile to pour from his carcass yet. More impressively, at its best it provides a pointed satirical commentary on noughties America.

    Planet Sound gave the album a positive review, citing it as his best work since Mechanical Animals and that Manson has his "preening confidence back. It results in strutting glam and magnificently OTT ballads, with Manson engaged with sounding alien again. Los Angeles Times reviewer Mikael Wood stated that the band even provide a "surprise or two, as in "Running to the Edge of the World," a lush acoustic power ballad complete with pretty falsetto vocals.

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    Rolling Stone reviewer Jody Rosen gave the album a mediocre review, citing the diminished shock value of the album compared to years past. Rosen stated the best parts of the album are in the ballads like the blues-tinged "Four Rusted Horses" for a more endearing depiction of Manson as a melancholy human rather than Antichrist Superstar.

    Phil Freeman of Allmusic criticized the lack of variety in the album with "two or three musical ideas are repeated throughout the disc". He also criticized the lyrics, stating that Manson "[feels] like he's trying to convince himself as much as the audience" and that he is "pretty much advertising that [he's] out of ideas".

    On December 3, it was announced that Marilyn Manson had parted ways with long-time label Interscope Records. Of the split, he said "a lot of things on which my hands were tied - the music videos, things like that - I've regained a lot of that creative control. You'd be surprised how much restraint my creativity had - what they would put out, what ideas they would allow to be conveyed in [music] videos. The first example I could give would be the newest video Running to the Edge of the World , they clearly [wanted nothing to do with] that.


    At least half of my creative output had been squashed. We've even started writing new songs on the road, so I think people can expect a new record a lot sooner than [you think]. These performances would see each album from the Triptych "Holy Wood," "Mechanical Animals," and "Antichrist Superstar" being played in their entirety over three different nights in the one venue. The tour would take him through-out the United states and maybe "a few select dates in Europe. All lyrics by Marilyn Manson. Track 1 features as the closing track on standard versions of the album released internationally.

    Tracks 1 through 6 are featured on the bonus disc of deluxe pressings and as bonus tracks with the digital deluxe edition on the iTunes Store. Track 7 appears on this bonus disc as well, but is limited only to Japanese pressings; it will also feature as a bonus track received with pre-orders of both the standard and deluxe digital albums.