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Flood is one of the most powerful books I have seen in a very long time. The book has beautiful illustrations that alone convey the story of the fierceness of nature and the resilience of man.

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Flood allows children to tell the story as they turn each page, revealing exquisite art on each spread. Never have illustrations delivered so much.

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Kids will see a complete drama from happy beginning, to tragic lose, rebuilding, and finally the restoration of home and hope. Flood is the perfect therapy book for those working with kids who have lived through devastating storms such as Sandy. A child can tell his story, using the book, and safely express feelings and emotions he may otherwise be afraid to express. Parents can do the same if their family, or someone close, finds their home destroyed by the wrath of nature. I think Flood should be required equipment for teams responding to the human side of natural disasters. Teachers can use Flood as a conversation starter or in a creative writing course.

Not one word is in the book, yet kids can add them as they see the story unfolding.

Flood is intended for children age four to eight but I think older children can benefit from looking at this book. These illustrations provide a powerful image of the strength of nature, its sudden onslaught, and human frailty.

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The illustrations are beautiful and haunting; devastating and hopeful. If Flood has a message, it is this: respect nature and hope is never lost.

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This is so timely and so creative! I love that readers can bring their own emotions and experiences to the story. Like Like. I believe I have seen a review for this on another site and they sang its praises too. It looks very powerful, especially if you have given it 6 stars.

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Thanks again for linking it in to the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Cheers Julie Grasso. The sixth star puts it on the Top 10 list for the best of award. Really it is a 5 when the review goes up elsewhere. It is powerful. Yet, not one word. I can totally see this as a tool for children who have witnessed a natural disaster either in real life or even on TV.

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It can really open up discussion around events and emotions as you mentioned. Thanks for including this in the Kid Lit Blog Hop and thanks again for hosting! I wish I could say I asked for this book from Capstone, but they simply sent it one day and I have been in awe of the book and illustrations ever since.

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When I initially opened the book I was floored by the illustrations. If he is as awsome in other books I want him when I write that first picture book.

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Intense and Powerful are certainly good word choices for those pictures! They helped with family chores--just like you. They played with friends and siblings, and they explored their worlds. Travel back in time and learn about the lives of kids just like you. The largest flood by area in the USA occurred in The Midwest and the East were inundated with constant rain, snow, and, as gas lines burst, flames.

The residents of Dayton resolved never again to suffer such a disaster.

Flood (Capstone Young Readers) Reviews

Their heroic response became the model for how we prepare for and recover from natural disasters today. Was the City of Gold a real place? Treasure seekers and mystery readers alike will love this action-packed Totally True Adventure. Part of a popular series. Analysis reveals these were black slaves who worked on the nearby 18th-century Schuyler Farm. Listed by the New York Public Library as one of the best books for