Love and 9/11: A poetry set dedicated to the victims of 9/11

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America has forever been changed and will always be a word that reflects upon a nation which is founded on dignity and freedom. To have somebody think that they can endanger and threat our dignity, only proves to make this a stronger country and a more profound place to live. I am proud to be an American. This very tragic and unexpected day has changed the way I look at America, forever.

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Now, I am very proud to be an American. Ever since September 11th people have been hanging American flags on their houses, businesses, and even cars. I do perceive the world and myself in a different way. Its like the word has a whole new meaning to me. We are Americans. When I hear that word now, it just stands out more than it used to. This incident will not change my actions and decisions in my life, but it will change the way I look at life.

I do think this hit teens hard because we have never been alive when something so big and tragic has happened to America. It was our first real experience of a terrorist attack and we will never forget it. I am a pillar I will stand the test of time I will take everything you can throw at me I will outlast this I am a pillar. I have seen the rise of the world I have seen many things in my life I have seen the rulers of the world born and die I will see the fall of the world too.

I have witnessed many tragedies I have seen many things I have watched an angel fall That angel When you fell the lights dimmed The sun wept in sorrow The moon shone no more You have Happiness is the true key to everything Only if you are happy, will all things be overcome Only if you can, take this test of time, will you find your way You are, important. You are, cherished. And you are loved. But of these things all that matters most in life, is that one seek happiness And whether or not you realize it, happiness is meant for one One person, one mind, one body, one soul In your pursuit for happiness, you must see that tiny things such as religion matter not.

The images of planes crashing into the buildings, tower 1 and tower 2, the people running in the streets, covered all in white, from the buildings. Today, even the images are still there. My heart is hurting for those who lost loved ones. My tears were for them too. My life, your life even, can be taken away in a split second.

September 11th, as tragic as it was, impacted my life for the better. America the land of the free And the home of the brave. Nobody thought It could lead to the grave. The country watched As the towers went down The news of the attack Spreading from town to town. Millions cried As the innocent died. There are many dates to remember But none of them as important As the 11th Of September. It was September 11, and it was just another school day, or so I thought at the time. I woke up at my usual time, am. I showered, got dressed, and packed my book bag. I figured I would study for it throughout the day.

I stopped him, and we walked and talked about miscellaneous stuff until we got to the main entrance of the school.

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Then we went our different ways and the first bell rang at am. I walked into class just as the second bell rang at am. I went to my desk, and then fell right asleep on my desk until the class was over. I then went to homeroom, and then to aid for the special education teacher, Mrs. Then, out of nowhere it seemed, Dr. Baker, another English teacher came into our room and said that an airplane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers.

Sullivan quickly turned the television on, and we must have seen the replay of the plane a dozen times before another plane ran into the adjacent tower. It was a horrific sight, and I was completely stunned. Mine was Honors Physics. About five minutes into the class, one of the towers fell, then the other. I was completely numb, and then I heard crying. It was coming from two of my friends, one of them a girl, the other a boy.

As the day continued, I got a little better after hearing from my parents that my aunt, uncle, and grandparents were all ok. My math test also went pretty well too. I was on the 2nd day of a two week vacation: I turned on the television that morning and realized that something AWFUL had happened but I was not sure what it was. As I drove north on I, I kept getting constant reports of the scope of the disaster on the radio, and it became clear to me that this was no ordinary accident. When I arrived in downtown Dayton, the streets were eerily quiet, just as they had been On 22 November , when news of the assassination of John F.

Kennedy came over the news. People were walking around lookin stunned; if they were talking, for some reason I could not hear them, nor much of anything else.

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There was no answer to my knock and I noticed cards and notes festooned around the door. I looked at some of them and they were sympathy cards addressed to my friend and his family. With a sense of deep foreboding, I drove to the Xenia Public Library and searched their newspapers for the previous month, only to learn that my friend had DIED on 10 August —the same day on which I had buried my mother.

I photocopied his obituary and drove back to Cincinnati, the radio still on with news and speculation about the events of that day. Need help? Chat with us now. September Shared Poetry and Prose It was a day that no one could get away from, and no one will forget. I think it is amazing how you dont have to be personally attacked, but you can still feel dramatized by seeing the painful pictures and tapes —Leslie. I Remember Remember… I cry when I think of… the horror that those on the hi-jacked planes must have felt as they watched their planes head straight into the side of a building I cry when I think of… the horror that those on the upper floors of the Twin Towers must have felt when they looked up from their work and saw an airplane outside their office window heading straight for them.

I cry when I think of… the horror that those on the floors of the Twin Towers above the crash sites must have felt when they realized that they were trapped and knew that death was imminent. I cry when I think of… the police and firefighters heading up the stairs of the Twin Towers, climbing ever higher, trying to help as many as people out of the buildings without giving their own lives a second thought. I cry when I think of… those who lost their husbands and wives in the wink of an eye —Becky.

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And how? On Monday, we complained about standing in lines for 6 minutes at fast food restaurants, On Tuesday, we waited for 6 hours to donate blood. On Monday, we fought with our parents, On Tuesday, all we wanted is to hug our parents. On Monday, we stayed in our cliques, On Tuesday, we all came togehter and held hands. On Monday, we all had families, On Tuesday, we were left with widows.

On Monday, there were screams of laughter, On Tuesday, there were only sobs from grief. On Monday, we felt safe, On Tuesday, our freedom was tested. On Monday, The Statue of Liberty stood tall and proud, On Tuesday, it remained proud as a constant symbol of our nations freedom.

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And forever we will remember. September Eleventh The hours passed as that day went by. September 11 what a day for me It opened my eyes to what I did not want to see. I remember the very moment I heard the tragic news I was in study hall about to take a snooze. I did not understand, I did not know why All I could think about were the people stuck inside. What did we do to deserve this, no one should go through this pain How could those hijackers be so insane.

One good thing has come out of this, as far as I can see We, the country of freedom, have united from sea to shinning sea. I love my country with all my heart The United States of America; nothing can tear us apart. September 11, what a day for me It opened my eyes to what I did not want to see.

September eleventh was not the greatest of days, Nor a calm, peaceful day in May. As many shed a tear, A few wanted to show their fear. Also, a few reshaped lives by totalitarianism, But America fought with patriotism. Then there were pains, But The Country had its gains. An Innocents Lost An innocence that we all took for granted An innocence once had is now lost The innocence of living without fear is now gone Our innocent lives were changed forever Many innocent lives ended The surreal events implanted into every feeling of our innocent bodies An innocence once had is now lost.

I Remember I Remember As if it were yesterday, i remember, that sad and horrible day in September.

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Over 3, people lost their lives, and there was no one there to hear their cries I Remember Hatred and anger running through my veins, and i knew that this opposing force must be tamed I Remember Then came the sadness and depression, of how we had learned a hard lesson I Remember Thinking how could this happen to the United States, and wondered how we would retaliate I Remember The coming together of a great nation, and the felling of Patriotism being a great sensation I Remember Not being able to help but stare, at all the American flags flying in the air I Remember O Yes I Remember the day of September 11th very well, And till the day i die, to our kids and grandkids, its story will I tell.

A jumble of thoughts No words people hugging crying Mourning for those who have lost the battle, praying for those who battle on What can we say?

Even those who did not know them, mourn for them Although miles away we cry for them Why did this happen? Why is this world so violent? We cannot turn our eyes from this We must pull together Lean on each other, to get through this hard time Our hearts cry out with salty tears But all we can do now is pray That this will never happen again. I was sitting in typing next to Mr.

Cook Another teacher whispered and he had a certain look He went into the neighboring room and brought in the T.