Man of Wax (Man of Wax Trilogy)

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The Inner Circle, Man of Wax Trilogy by Robert Swartwood | | Booktopia

Rosehip Oil. Natural Face Sponge. Natural Face Balm. Natural Conditioner. In this gloriously gruesome imagining of the girlhood of Marie Tussaud, mistress of wax, fleas will bite, rats will run and heads will roll and roll and roll. If this is a fairy story then Marie is more Rumpelstiltskin than Rapunzel. Her nose is hooked, her chin pointed, her eyes short-sighted. Even in womanhood she is tiny. Little Marie with big dreams. Or should that be nightmares? The chapters on the Terror — the Conciergerie, the guillotine, the flies turning the streets black —are hard to wash off.

Little is no Nell. The living are no less grotesquely fascinating than the waxworks. Meet Doctor Curtius, expert in anatomy, thin as a skeleton himself. Meet hearts, meet spleens, meet scapulae, laid out on beds of red velvet. Here is the beeswax, here the straws up nostrils, here the peeled orange skins rolled over clay to make pores, here the votive organs left in side chapels to cure revolting peasants.

Marie is the eyes, ears and hold-your-nose of this book, a delightful guide to a mad, macabre world. Douglas Murray.

  1. The Battle for your Souls.
  2. El Portal de la Entereza (Fantasía) (Spanish Edition);

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Man of Wax

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