New Title 3 (THe Alchemical Woman: A Handbook for Everyday Soulwork)

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Want to learn more about how Casey created the Wanderers Tarot deck and how she runs her magical business? Plus - Check out the secret episodes to continue the conversation between Natalie and Stephanie Benedetto Padovani on letting spirit come first in your business. Her work allows her to act as a bridge between spirit energy and the physical plane. Encouraged by her personal spirit guide, AJA founded Spirit House Collective, a community dedicated to spreading knowledge, love and healing while creating a safe space for individuals to explore their unique spiritual gifts.

Click here to access unique insights from AJA in this secret episode! Liv Mokai Wheeler on trusting spirit with your life [episode ].

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Kontomble voice diviner and ritual facilitator, Liv Mokai Wheeler joins us again to share teachings, insights, and stories from her spirit-guided journey to Mongolia. Brigit Esselmont is known worldwide as a professional tarot reader, intuitive entrepreneur and founder of Biddy Tarot.

You might be familiar with her work if you have ever googled any tarot card in search of context and deeper meaning. Biddy Tarot offers a comprehensive glossary of tarot resources including a brief overview of each card, spiritual entrepreneurship courses, coaching, and books to deliver tarot knowledge to the masses.

Where am I now? What is emerging within me? What do I wish to grow? How can I bring my goals and intentions to fruition? What additional resources are available to me as I manifest my goals? Hint: Upright indicates the resources are located outside of you, reversed refers to internal resources Full Moon Tarot Spread Questions What have I created and manifested since the new moon?

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What is no longer serving me? How can I release and let go of those energies? What additional resources are available to me as I release and let go? Hint: Upright indicates the resources are located outside of you, reversed refers to internal resources Links Hop on over to biddytarot. Listen to archived episodes of the Biddy Tarot Podcast.

Alchemy and Esoteric Books

A warm welcome back to emerging author, Secret-Dakini-Oracle reader, and weaver, Hannah Corbett featured in episode This personal grimoire acts as a how-to manual to empower readers in the practice of ritual magic, cultivate your best life and heal existing wounds. Serpent and Bow garments with crystal pockets! We welcome back the illustrious herbalist, teacher, and writer, Asia Suler! Asia is the creator and concoctress behind One Willow Apothecaries, an online library for Earth-nourished healing, handcrafted medicine and alchemical gateways of education.

In this episode, Asia shares her journey to healing and plant-based medicine after living with chronic pain. She introduces her new course offering, The Pussy Portal as an approach to help you access the power of your own root. Asia Suler [episode ]. Alexis J.

Care of the Soul: A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life

Cunningfolk is an intersectional herbalist based out of Sacramento, California. Her apothecary offerings intend to educate and encourage folx of all colors and backgrounds to reclaim space through the lens of radical self-care. Intersectional Herbalist Alexis J. Cunningfolk on how to be a radical parent while still prioritizing self-care.

This exclusive experience has space for only 12 pilgrims

Ariella Daly is a bee tender, a student of the shamanic teachings in tradition of The Path of Pollen, and a beekeeping teacher. In today's episode we discuss: Working and partnering with honey bees shamanically How a miscarriage led Ariella to become a mother to the bees How physically working with bees can bring so much healing from trauma and grief How beestings are related to imbalances in the body Honey bee hives as wombs The connections between honey bees and the Oracle at Delphi Dreaming with the bees as a way of exploring beyond the confines of your small self "I knew without a doubt that I could go into fear or I could go into trust, and that these beings would not hurt me if I danced with them, so I literally let them move me.

Naomi Love is a teacher, mentor and facilitator of healing and sacred space. Her work is focused womb medicine that brings upon transformational healing in the mind, body and spirit. Our conversation this week is incredibly rich, be sure to find a quiet space to fully experience the sample guided womb meditation towards the middle of the episode.

Jessie Susannah Karnatz A. Her work is potent in helping to recognize emotional and spiritual blocks within our personal constructs around money. Jessie specializes in financial coaching for single adults, couples and small business owners to manifest success in all aspects of life. Chanelle A. Bergeron is a flower essence devotee, intuitive healer, sound-maker, and cherished friend of mine.

She is the creator of Moon by Moon Apothecary where she offers vibrational plant and spirit essences, as well as consultations and workshops. Chanelle honors the spirit of the lunar calendar in her healing work with the acknowledgement that all living things wax and wane in a cycle from month to month, moon by moon. Celia Gold is a writer and copywriter who works at the intersection of feminism and gender alterity. She applies her practical writing skills to engage in conversations that bring light to intersectional feminism and gender politics. Celia identifies as gender questioning and shares her personal perspective on gender identity and how to empower marginalized voices.

Please use discernment as to whether you are able to move through this experience without the direct support of a trained facilitator. If you have PTSD or other severe trauma, please consult with your main healing support people before listening.

Awaken to the Luxury of your Divinity

Be sure to specifically include how you're interested in working with her. Christi combines the process of natural dyeing and embroidered sewing with a grounded spiritual practice that includes invoking divine benevolent forces. Listen to the Secret Episode with Christi here.

Natalie Ross, the creatrix and hostess of this podcast, does a solo episode where she shares some big news and answers listeners' questions from Instagram comments. Ayesha Ophelia is HeArtist who loves to pull on the threads of synchronicity. Ayesha is no stranger to the complex, messy process of creativity, and she wants to help other women feel safe navigating their creative processes as they bring their gifts to the world. Learn more about Ayesha at www.

Follow Ayesha on Instagram at www.

What You’ll Experience in This Journey

Rachel of Aeolian Heart is an astrologer, scribe, and dreamweaver. She is a creator of Aeolian Heart, offering natal chart readings and horoscopes, educational classes, and tarot readings. Aeolian Heart uses astrology and tarot as a framework to develop rich therapeutic conversations that manifest love, will and desire into the human reality.

She is creator of Aeolian Heart, offering natal chart readings and horoscopes, educational classes, and tarot readings. She is the creator of the American Renaissance Tarot deck. Thea offers in-person and distance astrology readings out of her office in Long Beach, CA. Asali is an earth-worker, healer, and card slinger. Asali offers a queer femme-of-colour resource and blog, tarot sessions, and writing. Asali is a earthworker, healer, and card slinger.

Asali offers a queer femme of colour resource and blog, tarot sessions, and writing. Sarah Faith Gottesdiener is an artist and human sharing her experience of the world through design, writing, and collaboration in many forms. Sunder Ashni is a flower essence therapist, meditation facilitator, and soul counselor based in Brooklyn, NY. Stephanie is joining forces with Natalie Ross of Dream Freedom Beauty to share the easy, authentic way to attract your ideal clients.

Ask these 3 questions to get the exact words to convince people of your value. A step by step strategy for getting more clients naturally and easily. Answers to your biggest questions about authentic marketing and standing out. Without Selling Out. Get the full episode notes here: www. We are so excited to welcome Liv back to the show!

Liv Wheeler is an international ritual facilitator and Kontomble diviner, who is currently travelling, sharing her unique and beautiful medicine with the world.

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  7. Otherwise, access it through supporting us on Patreon. Michelle Johnson is yoga teacher, author, and social justice activist based in Portland, OR. Michelle is bringing big power and purpose to the intersection of yoga and racism. Nikki Silvestri is a new Mama and speaker with equal parts vulnerability and razor-sharp analysis. Elise Entzenberger is a tarot reader, coach, and artist based in Austin, TX. Elise utilizes tarot as a tool for empowerment and transformation for the mystically minded. We are pleased to welcome back to the show elder and medicine woman, Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen.

    Listen to our previous interviews with her: Episode 14 Episode 24 Episode 44 Episode 45 All episodes include guided ceremonies.

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