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Responding also gives you a chance to clear the air. As Jack detailed in the webinar , tone is always important. Instead, keep a level head and try to get to the heart of the issue. Even better, name the person responding. Reputology finds that response time is one of the most important factors in recovering from a harsh review. It makes sense, really. Often that first comment is made out of frustration or anger. Customer complaints can almost always be used as a lesson. So if people think it needs improving, it probably does.

Jack gave the example of The Grove , a shopping center in Los Angeles:. They received numerous complaints that their parking lot was too small. To solve this issue they partnered with Uber, and offered free rides home for anyone who spent over a certain dollar amount. Try to find a balance. This includes situations that start out negative but where you were able to win a disgruntled customer over.

If the complaint is too severe, or if the individual in question is past the point of winning over, ask for an email address or phone number and smooth things over privately. You thank people for their kind reviews, and hope they share your response with their friends. Add pictures and encourage them from your community , share great content, and make your brand seem more appealing to those who just found you on Google. No matter how bad your most recent review was, most people are just browsing.

In our webinar, Jack explained an interesting approach that can generate very sincere reviews. If your staff feels comfortable, have them ask customers for a review:. This is hugely effective where there has been a one-to-one interaction — a server in a restaurant, or a customer service rep who has solved a sticky issue for a customer. And by asking personally, the customer will be more likely to go a small step out of their way to help. Did you offer a customer a discount as an apology for bad service?

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If so, you actually need to do these things. Especially if you made these offers online, in public. Things will get really bad if the customer follows up their first bad review with a story about how you lied to them. More likely, you want it to improve. Review sites come with scores, and you can watch these grow as you provide value to your community. You can do the same on social media.

Mention among others comes with built-in sentiment analysis. Your business websites and blogs are properties owned by you, which means you have full control over them. Of course, the more properties you own, the higher your chances to effectively build your digital presence.

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With ORM, the first step is to decide what you want your online reputation to be. Do you want to be perceived as an industry authority? To adopt the position as the market leader?

How to Build Your Online Reputation

Or be known for your responsiveness and excellent customer service? You can begin by determining what your actual reputation is. What do people already think about you? Does your digital presence match your reputation in your offline network? Listed below are five tools that will help you research and evaluate your digital reputation. It will identify the most influential blogs and news websites that have published content featuring your business in the last 30 days and also show recent mentions from social sources.

Go Fish Digital has designed a free tool that lets you browse more than 40 different complaint websites at once and provides you with a list of negative reviews. Mention is a platform that scans more than 1 billion sources from social media networks and forums to blogs and many other web properties. You can use it to track your brand, competitors, and customers by using different search criteria. With the help of Google Alerts , you can keep track of new content published about your business. In addition, you can monitor industry news and follow your competitors. This helps you identify new guest blogging and commenting opportunities.

To set up an alert, all you need to do is search for a certain keyword and decide how often you want to receive notifications about new content via email. You can also define content sources such as news websites, blogs, or videos, and choose a preferred language and geographic region. To set up an alert, you need to define a keyword ; enter your email address ; choose your target language, number, and types of results ; and select how often you want to receive notifications daily or weekly.

If your online presence is consistent with your reputation offline, great! Social media policy refers to how a company and its employees interact online.

Here are some key points for your social media content strategy. Want to keep ahead of your competitors? Need to master a social platform? Discover how to improve your social media marketing at Social Media Marketing World , brought to you by your friends at Social Media Examiner. Get in early for big discounts.

Sale ends Wednesday, November 13th, The first step in creating a strategy is to define your social media goals. Do you want to win more fans or followers? Increase sales in your ecommerce store? Raise awareness of your brand? Social media represents one of the most important opportunities for digital marketing. To build a solid online reputation, you need to identify the platforms that are relevant for engaging your current and future clients.

While some naturally leave a review without you asking them, most of the time you need to encourage happy customers to drop those 5 stars. Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions before you start asking for positive feedback. You can read the guidelines to top local review sites here.

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So the power is not only in the reviews but also in how you reply and handle the situation. Reviews, both positive and negative provide useful feedback from customers.

Build Your Reputation Management Plan in 5 Easy Steps

In fact, one of the worst things you could do is ignore upset customers. Follow these guidelines when you receive a negative customer review:. First of all, you need to have the right mindset — treat your 1 page of Google SERP as your business card! The number one page for your brand should provide all the necessary details about your business as well as establish credibility. The new Google results page for branded searches now looks like this. Your primary goal should be that when someone searches for your brand on Google, your website is the first result shown on the top. And ideally, they should also see your site links.

This is a pack of up to 10 shortcut links to different areas of your site that make it easier for users to navigate to the most popular sections. One of the reasons why you should care about site links is they occupy up to 5 organic positions in SERP, which means that the majority of space on page 1 above the fold area will belong to you alone. This implies you need a well SEO optimized website, with a proper site architecture.

Depending on the type of business, the Knowledge Panel will display different information. For example, some might feature an address, opening hours, phone number, reviews, etc. But you can definitely increase your chances of getting your panel by verifying your business in Google My Business. Google also pulls information from other credible sources, so having a Wikipedia page for your brand can also help.

The more Google knows about your business, the better. Your social media profiles may also appear in the Knowledge Panel. If Google can pick up on your social media accounts, it will display them at the bottom of the panel. To help with this, you should use a consistent name handle across all your profiles. But also make sure link to your accounts form your site as I mentioned earlier.

If you have a Twitter account, Google may also display your latest tweets as special cards. They also take up a lot of space so you can have even more real-estate to yourself. This is another reason why it would be helpful to have a Wikipedia page for your brand, no matter how big or small it is.

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Top stories related to your brand may also appear on your first page. News can have a big impact on your reputation, both online and offline. For local businesses, when a location is of importance like for restaurants , Map Packs can also appear. Map packs take up a huge chunk of space on Google SERP and will display different locations with opening hours, phone numbers, as well as links to website and Google Maps directions. They are obtainable only if you do good Local SEO, which you can learn more about in our Ultimate Guide mentioned earlier. Your competitors might target your brand as a keyword for Google Ads.

In that case, their ad will appear above your website, which is a complete disaster in my opinion.