The Key to Unlocking Your Potential.

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Unlocking your Full Potential: Q&A with Author Jim Jensen

We would often have attendees who had previously attended the seminar, and because of the success es they experienced as a result of what they had learned, they would return for a refresher course. They always added so much to the seminar because they shared their break through experiences with the rest of the seminar participants. Over years of working with and teaching these materials, I observed a repetitive pattern, that such successful transformations in people's lives were almost always one, or a combination of, the 7 KEYS taught in the book. And, they are presented in the book in the chronology in which they need to be learned.

None of the content in the book is taught in our schools today.

Once we truly understand that, and learn the tools to bring about change in ANY areas of our lives, we no longer need to be prisoners of old and out-dated information that we were "taught" early in our lives by well intending parents, older siblings, teachers and others, that no longer serves us well. In the UK, the participation rate of year-olds in education is one of the lowest in Europe. The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service Ucas says applicants will now be given the chance to say whether their parents have degrees or other higher education qualifications.

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Admissions tutors will also now have access to information about parents' ethnicity and jobs. This will all help. However, some state school students and their families still don't realise, or feel, that their claim to a university place is as strong as that of anyone else.

Pure Potential is an independent organisation that aims to change this mindset and help school and college students from year 12 onwards with their journey through university and career - regardless of background. Each year Pure Potential offers a series of free summer events for 10, school and college students, held at universities around the country.

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