The Man Who Made Pan Am

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But in its earlier days Pan Am literally had to create air transport systems out of raw jungle. Along its routes in Latin America the company established Morse code radio stations, helped build airports and provided guest houses for intrepid passengers. This is not to say, however, that the determined young visionary flew completely on his own.

The story of Juan Trippe is not the saga of another Horatio Alger. He was the son of a Wall Street investment banker who was listed in the Social Register, and he married Elizabeth Stettinius, whose father was a partner of J. Morgan and whose brother was a Secretary of State during the Roosevelt Administration. Trippe's first successful airline venture was put together in with funds largely supplied by two of his classmates from Yale, Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney and William H.

Vanderbilt, and a third friend, John A. Hambleton, a Baltimore investment banker.

Canada wins mixed team bronze to reach Pan Am golf podium for first time

And as he now tells it, another Yale friend from the Mellon clan put him in touch with Representative Melville Clyde Kelly, of Pennsylvania, the author of legislation enabling the Post Office Department to let air mail contracts with private operators. The law in effect launched the civil aviation business in the United States, and Juan Trippe's new enterprise, Colonial Air Transport, was the first to win a contract under the act, for the run between New York and Boston. Soon Mr.

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Trippe began to look overseas. The Government had decided to subsidize the development of one American airline in that area, to counter activities of German and French airlines in this hemisphere. The next few years were in many ways Pan Am's golden age. Seizing whatever routes they could, in some cases before service began, company agents quickly negotiated a series of unilateral contracts with 62 countries around the world, amassing routes that made Pan Am, by at the age of three, the world's largest airline in terms of distance covered. He did admit that later, in the 's, he had offered several hundred thousand dollars to a former president of Mexico to block American Airlines from receiving landing rights in Mexico City.

Trippe says he relied heavily on the United Fruit Company, whose powerful presence overshadowed many governments in Central America. The company opened its books to him, enabling the Pan Am chief to study comparative shipping costs, and actually assisted in negotiations. During these heady days of the 's and 's, Pan Am station managers abroad lived like ambassadors, and Mr. This kind of influence inevitably caused uneasiness in Washington, and after the war Mr. Trippe was always careful to cooperate fully with the Government in every respect, even to the extent of always having one or two members of the board like Generals George C.

Marshall and Alfred M. Gruenther, who could assure the Government that the company had no secrets.

The Decline of Pan Happened?

Trippe himself aroused a similar nervousness among the heads of the domestic airlines as he rose to prominence. He developed direct lines of communication with Presidents and generals and invited First Ladies to christen his every new airplane. His personal style, however, was not imperial. Smith recalls. At the same time, Pan Am failed to win a domestic route to meet its new competitors on their home ground. Juan Trippe's great achievement in these years was his role in leading American aviation into the jet age. In a pattern that repeated itself throughout his career, according to Willis R.

The Guy who Built a s Pan Am Airplane in his Garage

Player, a senior vice president of the company, he would find an engine he liked and then have an aircraft company build a plane around it. Ironically, this, his last major decision, was to become Mr. Trippe's most controversial. Smith calls it, has been faulted both for the financial burden it placed on the company and because it forced other airlines to purchase the plane before they felt it was necessary. The huge, mass market on which it was predicated did not materialize when the jumbojet arrived in the recession of The thus contributed substantially to the problem of overcapacity that has plagued the airline business throughout the decade.

Trippe's defenders point out that much of the problem traces back not to Pan American's original order, but to the decision of one of Mr. Trippe's successors, Najeeb E. Halaby, to increase the order from 25 to 33 planes. Although its episodes depict the characters in various cities around the world, the show was filmed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and other locations around New York City. The model is kept in a hangar near the Brooklyn waterfront.

Nancy Hult Ganis , a Pan Am stewardess from to , was one of the show's executive producers and is credited as the series developer; [32] she researched for the series at the Pan Am Historical Foundation and at Pan Am's archives at the University of Miami.

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In addition, Ganis advised the actors, props department, production designers, and costumers in making details for the show as accurate as possible. Costume design was overseen by Anne Crabtree, who ensured attention to detail. The department made the replicas based on an old uniform which was thoroughly studied.

Twenty craftsmen worked to produce each outfit. At the time, girdles were mandatory to improve posture; some of the cast members found them "extremely restricting" during filming. The September 12, , edition of TV Guide ' s Fall Preview issue included an advertisement on the back of the magazine, tilted upside down, featuring Ricci, Garner, Vanasse, and Robbie appearing as their characters for a fictional cover for TV Guide , using the magazine's s logo.

The Clipper Majestic crew fly to Rome but Dean has decided to end his relationship with Ginny, who is still the mistress of a Pan Am executive. She tells Dean she loves him, but he says her love is not real. Ginny is devastated when Dean ends their relationship. Meanwhile, Colette is put in charge of looking after a precocious and unescorted year-old boy named Charlie, who develops a crush on her. Kate is still deeply in love with Niko, the handsome Yugoslavian diplomat that she had been ordered to turn toward U.

Niko tells Kate he cannot go to Rome with her. When Kate arrives in Rome, a strange man pushes her to the ground and tells her to stay away from Niko.

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Laura spends her time in Rome trying to convince everyone, especially herself, that she is not a child because of the Life magazine article about her and her argument with the photographer. Laura and Kate talk about their first sexual experiences and experiencing the world in Rome, and when Laura returns to New York, she does not sleep with the photographer but allows him to take photographs of her naked.

Ginny tells Colette that one of her colleagues revealed Ginny's affair with Dean, and Colette works out that it was Maggie, whom she confronts after they return to New York. Colette does not tell Dean because he has told her that he did not want to know what they said. It also aired on CTV's sister cable channel Bravo!

In the Flemish part of Belgium , the airing started on Vijf on February 15, In Catalonia , TV3 started broadcasting the series on February 10, The show was given a 67 out of on Metacritic based on 28 reviews, indicating generally favorable reception. I don't think Pan Am really knows what kind of show it wants to be just yet.

But I also don't think that's a problem because every variation—Cold War drama, nostalgic soap opera, feminist dramady—has something to offer. The romance and the attractively stylized innocence of the era is addictive, but the espionage plot, with its link to political history, is absurd. And the female empowerment message grows feeble. Media coverage has noted that no major characters smoke, although the practice was common on flights and in the terminal during the s.

ABC and its parent, Disney , banned tobacco use by the show's stars. Citing "an enormous impressionable element", Thomas Schlamme called the anachronism "the one revisionist cheat", and said he had encountered a similar restriction directing a previous show for ABC. Other characters will be seen holding cigarettes in the background.

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Though they said the storylines made it a "soapy guilty pleasure" and included it in their "pick of the day" television feature. Scott McCartney of The Wall Street Journal noted that the show highlights the "elegance and excitement" of air travel during the early s. He said that former employees of the airline thought the series is an accurate portrayal, aside from some "Hollywood glamorization".

It said that the show is a reminder of the progress of flight attendants in relation to previous social injustices:. The premiere episode of the new Pan Am drama on ABC may be a nostalgic escape to the days before deregulation, but it also highlighted the myriad of social injustices overcome by the strong women who shaped a new career.

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Weight checks, girdle checks, the no marriage rule, sexism, gender discrimination, racism—all of this was challenged by intelligent, visionary women who helped to usher in the call for social change throughout the country and around the world. As union members, the generation that crewed s Pan American World Airways and their other airline counterparts, Flight Attendants fortified their voice to press airline management and Capitol Hill for equal rights, recognition of their work and improved aviation health and safety standards that benefit the traveling public.

Negotiating contract improvements for middle class pay, proper rest, health care and retirement benefits ensured the skilled "stewardesses" set career standards that provided new opportunities for all women and men About the show's failure, Christina Ricci said: "I think it should not have been on network television. It was really well made. The series premiere attracted The second episode attracted 7.

But up to the end, we'll give it our all!