To Be Born Again: An Expository Study on Spiritual Re-Birth

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Remember that. Verse 6 also helps. This verse distinguishes between the spiritual and the fleshly. Cows give birth to cows; horses give birth to horses. Corn seed produces corn. Nicodemus was all mixed up, and Jesus wanted to emphasize that He was talking in spiritual terms, about coming out of sin and into relationship with God, living under the authority of Christ in His kingdom.

Then, having made that distinction, Jesus repeats His main point, that is - the necessity of the new birth. Have you sinned? Do you want your sins forgiven? Do you want to be a child of God, delivered from the power of darkness - and translated into the kingdom?

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You Must Be Born Again! Can You See It? The text is commonly interpreted to mean, you give up your will and some involuntary subjection occurs. If verse 8 is saying that the new birth cannot be explained; it is a mysterious hidden from the view of men, why did the Lord bother to tell Nicodemus about it in the first place? Furthermore, a careful reading of verse 8 will show, the Lord isn't talking about the new birth itself. You cannot see the wind, but you know it is there by the visible evidence. In like manner you cannot see the spirit of a man, to determine that he has been born again.

Jesus offers a new life, not a better one

So, reading this, suppose I discover my personal need to be born into the kingdom, to be born of water and the Spirit. How do I find out specifically what that involves? Remember how verse 5 explains verse 3, and that Jesus explains Himself if we just keep reading? If we will just keep reading through John chapter three, through the book of John and into the book of Acts, we will know all that is involved in being born again and entering the kingdom.


We will discover in Jno. Further, we will learn in Acts , that these men waited in Jerusalem to receive the Holy Spirit, and that the event came in Acts 2. Men filled by the Holy Spirit preached the gospel and called upon penitent sinners to be baptized in water Acts , , , , , etc. My conclusion is: Water baptism is the means appointed by the Spirit for entrance into the kingdom. When a sinner hears and responds to that which has been revealed by the Spirit, he submits to baptism in water - and in that obedience of trust in Christ, he is born of water and the Spirit, entering the Kingdom of God.

Remember, the saints at Colossae had been translated from the power of darkness into this kingdom.

What Does It Mean to Be Born Again?

That's what we are talking about, entering this kingdom where Christ reigns. In hearing, believing, repenting, confessing and being baptized as directed by God in the New Testament you are obeying the gospel. Note: An adopted child has all the legal rights of a natural child. Therefore we also become the sons of God with all the privileges of natural children. But now fear is gone because God is our beloved Father. Note: God saved us by giving us the Holy Spirit. The new birth is receiving the life of Christ, through the Holy Spirit, in exchange for our life of sin.

This is what regeneration is all about. Receiving the life of Christ is experienced by the renewing of the Spirit. Note: When we obey the truth of the gospel we surrender to what Christ did to us on the cross. He cleansed us from sin.

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Not only from the guilt and punishment of sin but also the principle of sin, which is the love of self. In exchange, He gave us His life of love.

This love must now manifest itself in our relationship with one another. Note: If we have the new birth experience, we receive a life that will last forever because it is the eternal or everlasting life of Christ, the gift of God.

In exchange for our stony hearts of the flesh what does God give the one who is born of the Spirit? This love is what makes it possible to keep the commandments of God. Note: When God comes and dwells in us we become very special. The God of the universe comes and dwells in us.

Our bodies are His dwelling place. What a privilege! Note: God wants to dwell in us so that He may give us the hope of salvation. That is the privilege of being a Christian. Do not worry about your situation. God is dwelling in you and He wants to walk in you as well. The new birth is not an option; it is a fundamental requirement to be part of the body of Christ. While God has redeemed the human race in Christ, this gift of salvation has to be received.

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The new birth is made possible because of two things Christ accomplished on the cross. What are they? Note: The life of Adam we were born with is a condemned life that must die. Jesus did not come to change this death sentence but to fulfill it.

This He did on the cross when our corporate human life died the wages of sin once and for all in Christ.