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Copy your. It does not indicate agreement with the contents. You could also include a separate section that allows the employee to write comments or make a statement about the warning, with an additional signature line. If an employee refuses to sign the disciplinary report or warning, you might ask him or her to submit a signed rebuttal document instead.

The rebuttal should reference the concerns raised in the written warning. This shows that the employee was notified about the problem. It might shed light on additional issues you need to address, as well. Keep it on file with the original document as proof the employee received a warning. Another approach you can take if an employee refuses to sign the disciplinary document is to make a notation with the time and date the employee refused to sign it. If the alternatives fail, you may wish to call in another person, such as a manager, as a witness.

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In the presence of the witness, ask the employee to acknowledge that the disciplinary warning was discussed and the employee has chosen not to sign it. Handling employee discipline issues the right way can mean more satisfactory outcomes for everyone. It will guide you in addressing employee discipline issue promptly and appropriately, as well as providing the necessary backup in case termination becomes your only option. Done right, performance reviews can help employees improve and drive your company toward greater success.

But if handled poorly, they … Read more.

Everything you need to know about giving a formal warning

You may have heard that annual reviews are losing favor as a way to manage employee performance. Most managers would prefer to never have to discipline their employees. But people are people, with their own agendas, issues … Read more. When it comes to managing employees, the importance of documentation cannot be overstated. Nothing is done in a vacuum, and … Read more.

Disciplinary meetings - where to start - Citizens Advice

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