ZBT Series:Aircraft Carrier Strike

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Members of the National Guard were overpaid and …. Happy Veteran's Day to all of our listeners. On today's episode we have a rep from the VFW who offers some advice to those affected by the recent issues at the VA. Kate talks about her weekend in Philly for the Marine …. In the next few weeks, we will have multiple Medal of Honor recipients joining our show. The first is Clint Romesha. He tells us the story that …. Chaps and Kate discuss the Navy's Twitter account taking shots at Russia because Russian pilots flew a little to close to a Navy recon plane.

Zbt Series:aircraft Carrier Strike

Chaps and Kate are in studio to discuss a viral story about an actor cutting his hand off, and claiming it was a war injury to get acting jobs. They also discuss the President's recent remarks encouraging our military …. Kate is up to her old goofin ways, scaring people around the office.

We reached out on social media and asked 'What are some things in the military …. Halloween is right around the corner so we're gonna help you and you're battle buddy decide on what your costume will be. Chaps interviews Kevin Flike, a Green Beret with an …. A Brigadier General got shot by the Taliban, so the show discusses how motivated his ….

They discuss it by …. Chaps is back at Barstool HQ so it's platoon room time. Chaps talks about his speech in Boston, and his lovely train ride in to New York City. The …. It's been 17 years since George W Bush declared war on Afghanistan, so we do some reflecting on the year What were the top songs and movies from the year ? Can Kate sing them all? After spending 17 at war in ….

In 1st Lt. Travis Manion lost his life in Iraq. The whole squad is in one place for the first time since before Chaps, Kate, and Bren left for the Starbucks trip. Cons admits he had serious FOMO …. David opened up his personal gym to Travis, offering his training expertise. The pair started …. They …. So we want to teach you how to get through every facet of your military career. On today's episode, we answer questions from those of you who are going …. The only thing worth noting is that Mad Dog Mattis comes out looking like a badass.

Sean Parnell joins Cons and …. Prior to Barstool, Large etched out a career on Wall Street and …. We made it to official episodes.

The Importance Of Aircraft Carriers

Double Agent might be one of the sexiest job titles you could possibly have. That title belonged to today's guest Naveed Jamali for years. Listen to …. Everything is discussed from his time as a POW, how long you need to …. On this edition of ZBT the whole crew puts former Congressman Duncan Hunter in the blender for disrespecting the troops. Zach Iscol joins the show to …. Spicer discusses being a commander in the U.

On a jam-packed show, the Cons, Chaps and Kate open with the marines who get suspended from cheating on their land navigation tests. Kenny Mayne joins the show to talk about runfreely.

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On this week's episode of zero blog thirty, the squad sits down with the first West Point graduate to pitch in the major leagues. West Point and the MLB have been around over years and only one man has done it. In certain cases, taxpayer money has even been used to create …. The whole crew is in NYC to discuss the Thai cave rescue and the Army changing it's fitness standards. Dan Pfeiffer from Pod Save America joins the ….

The 4th of July is right around the corner, so Kate quizzes the rest of the crew on some Independence Day facts.

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Chaps dishes out the details on what …. After a woman in San Antonio got upset she couldn't get a military discount on a traffic ticket, Chaps, Cons and Kate break down where they would …. Kate and Cons discuss the Singapore summit, …. Francis tries to pass off some stolen valor on us but we're not buyin what he's sellin. General H. McMaster …. Chaps is debating whether or not to put his dog pal Gus up in a fancy dog hotel while he's away at Disney.

He also likes to have dick-measuring contests with the veteranarians because he knows more then they do. Chaps …. Kate reflects on one of her fallen comrades in this week's ….

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One of the biggest stories in the military world is the case of the burn pits. Veterans are getting sick because of the chemicals produced in the …. Kate is having a rucking good time down in sweet home Alabama with the RuckingForRaiders squad, and she calls in with the man who organized it all, Dan. Dan talks about his inspiration for creating and leading the …. Buddy,,,,, you better get excited for this double episode. We run through a couple hypotheticals about going to Vegas with Mad Dog …. Ronny Jackson getting into a heap of trouble.

Chaps interviews Josh Dawsey from the …. E Cupp. Chaps and Kate ask S. E Cupp for her thoughts on the recent events in ….

Two U.S. Navy Carrier Strike Group Operations in the Mediterranean

Chaps, Cons, and Kate walk the platoon through the situation with Syria. Congressman Adam Kinzinger calms us down with facts from someone in the know. EOD Mike joins us to tell us about the situation on the ground and …. Kate and Chaps interview author Kate Germano about her new book 'Fight Like A Girl' and she tells them how she once got fired for being too mean.

The show starts out with an important discussion about the Navy …. Ronny Jackson, and how they both think that he is unqualified for the job. Kate's Corner calls for the Taliban to slide into our DM's still waiting.

Two Green Berets join the …. The Iraq war can basically get its permit already. Donald Trump's suggestion that the military should have a division called the 'Space Force' has Chaps thirsty to re-enlist. Chaps and Cons roast PFC …. If you could draft one fictional and one non-fictional person into each branch of the military, who would it be? Despite a ton of confusion, Chaps, …. On this edition of ZBT, Chaps is extremely happy because he got a ton of meat for cheap.

Kate's corner is all about cleaning up pubes, which sparks a …. On this edition of ZBT, the boys have a discussion about gun control. Chaps believes Democrats should take more responsibility, and also believes …. On this edition of ZBT, Chaps and Cons discuss the Naval officers who were removed from their posts after getting caught drunk and naked in the woods. Why do military members always feel the need to be naked all the ….

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Donald Trump has requested the U. Chaps interviews Josh Schaefer, a member of the Israeli Defense …. Chaps interviews Angry Staff …. But mostly poop. On this edition of ZBT, we give RadioBren advice on what to do with his money now that he is a full-time employee spoiler alert: we tell him to go …. After a much needed holiday break away from each other, Captain Cons and Uncle Chaps break down a bunch of stories in the first episode of Big shoutout to all of our loyal listeners in the platoon, and we wish nothing but great things for you in Uncle Chaps gets a liiiiiitle testy with Cons after Cons chewed gum and drank water directly into the mic for the one billionth time.

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